This master degree is designed for students who are interested in computer vision with the following profile.

Ideal student profile

   Student Interests:

  • Having completed studies in Mathematics, Physics, or any Engineering and seeking a specialization in Artificial Intelligence that will allow them to look for a technological job
  • Working in this field and looking for update their knowledge
  • Pursuing a doctoral thesis in this field and need a Master to complete the required ECTS credits

   Academic Profile

  • High level knowledge in Mathematics (Algebra, signal theory, basic image processing, probability and statistics)
  • High abilities programming, specially Python prototyping.
  • Knowledge of English. Have at least the equivalent to level B2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages (understanding, writing and speaking)

   Personal Skills

  • Motivation to deal with complex problems
  • Autonomy to plan work
  • Empathy in order to have a good interaction in team work
  • Ability to have a high dedications
  • Flexibility and creativity versus results

Admission criteria

The minimum criteria are the following:

  1. Have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Mathematics, or Physics or a related degree.
  2. Have at least a B2 level in English of the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

We also check for a high level of programming skills, specially in Python.

more information on Admission Requirements.


Admission process for this master usually OPENS in December 202(X-1) for 202X October intake, you can start your process at this <link>. The 1st Admission period, will usually end up around April 1st, 202X (issuing the resolution around May  2nd, 202X). If there are free positions after the 1st period, we could have a 2nd period from around May 3rd  to aroundJune 23rd 202X (issuing the resolution around July 10th, 202X). We highly recommend you to apply in the 1st period even if you have not graduated yet.

Enrollment steps

1. Pre-enrollment: <Required Documentation> & <Link to the application form>

2. Wait for Admission Resolution you will recieve an e-mail with the admission decision

3. Reserve you position until you can register for the Master.

4. Registrations periods will be anually informed, usually a first period is at the end of July and a second one in September that can end at the start of october.

    Before the final registration you will have to make an appointment for a Tutorial Session with the Master’s Coordinator, you will receive the procedure with your Admission Confirmation e-mail.

For more information about the enrollment please contact to:

Selection criteria

In case that the number of applicants exceeds the number of places offered, the allocation of places will be done according to the following priority criteria:

  • Academic record average
  • Studies directly related to the field
  • Professional or research experience related to the field, including prototype-based programming in Python.
  • English level in the European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • Motivation shown by the student in the field