C7 Research Dissemination and Transfer

Academic Year 2023-2024 – Student Guide <here>

This course pay attention to non vision-based goals where the aim is to go
through a large set of transversal skills that are indispensable for a researcher and/or a professional.

Focusing in two sets of skills: Research Dissemination and Technology Transfer.

The introduction to research dissemination seeks to introduce students to the process of dissemination of
results. This process will be divided into two areas:

** Oral presentations made with high quality standards at the level of formal content, oral and through correct use of nonverbal language.
** Scientific writing for publication in journals and conference proceedings. It covers the academic writing style, the acquisition of competences in the use of writing tools for scientific dissemination (LaTeX), and the knowledge of the publication pipeline.

Finally, we will deal with some important topics:

** Ethical considerations in research with special attention to plagiarism.
** Research Methods and Technology transfer management. We introduce the students to the proper use of planning tools, location of meaningful information, literature review and statistical analysis of data. Contents about technology transfer of research results to society: entrepreneurship, the development of business plans, financing, and the range of options available for the protection of research results.