This master program will be composed by 4 courses of 6 ECTS and 2 of 9 ECTS, 1 course of transversal skills of 9 ECTS, and the final master project of 9 ECTSAll of them are compulsory and each one is coordinated by one specific university. They can be grouped as follows:

  • 3 Courses to Introduce CV Techniques (C1, C2 and C3).
  • 3 Courses to focus on Vision Problems, C4 (6 ECTS) and C5 and C6 (9 ECTS).
  • 1 Course to train on Transversal and Research skills (C7).
  • 1 Course devoted to performing the Master dissertation (C8).

Modules C1 to C6 are taught following a project-based methodology, and C7 will be online. The contents will be modified as follows:

  • Courses C1 to C6 will be similar to current M1 to M6 modules, you can see them on the left side menu.
  • Courses C5 and C6 which will be extended (3 ECTS each) with updated topics.
  • The contents of previous M7 and M8 modules will be combined and reduced in course C7.

Groups of modules according to their goals and methodologies: