Admission process for this master is now OPEN, you can start your process at this <link>. The 1st Admission period for 2022 October intake, will end up on April 1st, 2022 (issuing the resolution from May  2nd, 2022). If there are free positions after the 1st period, we could have a 2nd period from May 3rd  to June 23rd 2022 (issuing the resolution from July 11th, 2022). We highly recommend you to apply in the 1st period although you have not graduated yet.

Academic Year 2021-22 started on October 1st with a Welcome Session that took place at CVC [photo,pdf]

Courses started on October, the 3rd, they are taken at different Campus in Barcelona area depending on module coordination, this year we are testing an hybrid online-in person version …

 M1 and M4 (UPC) at Campus Nord

 M2 and M6 (UPF) at Campus Poblenou

 M3 and M5 (UAB) at Campus Bellaterra 

 M7 and M8 (UOC) are online through the Virtual Campus of UOC