M8 Research and Technology Transfer Management

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In this module introduce the students to the proper use of the tools at its disposal to carry out the research process in computer vision. The module covers the use of planning tools, location of meaningful information, literature review and statistical analysis of data. In addition, the module also
provides content associated with technology transfer of research results to society. It introduces various forms of entrepreneurship, the development of business plans, financing, and the range of options available for the protection of research results.

The main competences of the course will consist on:

  • Accept responsabilities for information and knowledge management.
  • Apply the research methodology, choose the techniques and information sources and organize the specific resources for research in the field of computer vision.
  • Continue the learning process to a large extent autonomously.
  • Define and apply in detail the process of technology transfer for innovation in the field of computer vision.
  • Solve problems in new or little-known situations within broader (or multidisciplinary) contexts related to the field of study.
  • Understand, analyse and synthesise advanced knowledge in the area, and put forward innovative ideas.
  • Work in multidisciplinary teams.

The course will be divided in 4 different topics, with specific activities that will be assessed at the end of each module:

  1. Entrepreneurship and business plan
    • Presentation and Introduction
    • Concepts
    • Creative Process
    • The Entrepreneur
    • Idea+Team+Funding
    • Business Model
    • The lean Startup
    • Funding
  2. Public funding of research projects
  3. Intellectual property: Patents, copyright and registered trademarks
  4. Tools associated to research: data analysis, project planning and the process of reviewing the state-of-the-art.