Publishing at UAB Digital Repository

Once you finish and pass the evalution of your Master Dissertation, you can publish your MD report at the DDD-UAB Digital Repository of Documents.

By default the reports are not published but you can ask for publication by doing the following steps:

The student should send an e-mail to attaching the following documents:

  • Master Dissertation report in PDF with a minimum number of files smaller than 10 Mb each.
  • Permission to publish in the UAB Digital Repository <form>, signed by the dissertation author and the supervisor/-s if required.
  • Meta-data file with the following information:
    1. Author and co-authors
    2. Title
    3. Year
    4. Supervisor
    5. Type of Dissertation = TFM
    6. Degree = Master in Computer Vision (UAB-UB-UOC-UPF-UPC)
    7. Centre = Engineering School
    8. Keywords:
      1. At least 3 keywords in English
      2. Catalan Translation of keywords
    9. Abstract
      1. Abstract in English (100 words maximum)
      2. Catalan translation of the Abstract (maximum 100 words)

contact to for further information.