About IP & confidentiality

To do or host a Master Final project in the frame of an Internship at a Company, you must take into account the following facts about IP & confidentiality

  • Intellectual Property Policy is stated in point Eighth fo the UAB Educational Agreement that will be signed before to start the project, we reproduce it here:

    Eighth. Intellectual and industrial property rights deriving from the execution of this agreement shall pertain to the student and to the collaborating organisation in proportion with their respective participation in obtaining these rights and in accordance with the provisions of the corresponding legislation.

  • Confidentiality at the time of Evaluating the student work, we need the student fulfils the following steps:

          Step 1. To deliver a report, the Msc dissertation, about the developed project, which will be evaluated by 3 committee members. The company can propose to sign an NDA to these members, but they are free to accept it or not.

          Step 2. The defence of the project has to be public and open to everyone interested in attending. Projects with some confidentiality issues are usually scheduled when less attendants are expected and are not announced at the ACMCV website.

          Step 3. After the defence, the student has the decision whether to make the dissertation public or not at the DDD-UAB Digital Repository of Documents, by default the MD report is not public. If you want to publish your dissertation, you have to do the following <steps>