How to prepare a project proposal

If you are a company that want to propose a project to host a MCV student intern you should ensure you are inserting a clear definition of the project proposal that fulfills the following constraints:

  • it is a computer vision project that can include any kind of multimodality.
  • it is an innovation project and not just a development proposal.
  • it can be achieved in 225 hours of student work.
  • the company has a supervisor, with experience in the field, that will closely be mentoring the student.
  • the company agrees on <signing an Educational Agreement>.
  • the company agrees on paying a minimum of 11 euros/hour if not hired yet.
  • the company must provides the student with enough computational resources to perform the project.
  • the company has all required data at the project kickoff, data collection can not be included in the project plan.

If you have doubts about the suitability of your proposal, please contact ramon.baldrich at for a meeting.

This project can be easily extended with an additional internship period with no curricular effects through the UAB NEXUS