Old Program

Important Note: Program changes for Academic Year 2023-24 <here>

This master program is composed by 8 modules of 6 ECTS and 1 module of 12 ECTS, which is the Master Dissertation. All of them are compulsory and each one is coordinated by one specific university. They can be grouped as follows:

  • 3 Modules to Introduce CV Techniques (M1, M2 and M3)
  • 3 Modules to focus on Vision Problems (M4, M5 and M6)
  • 2 Modules to train on Transversal and Research skills (M7 and M8)
  • 1 Module devoted to perform the Master dissertation (M9)

Modules M1 to M6 are taught following a project-based methodology, the projects can be accessed at the right-side menu.

Groups of modules according to their goals and methodologies: